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As SICPA TR Güvenlik Çözümleri A.Ş., we provide technological services and solution packages that enable the prevention of unregistered, counterfeit, and smuggled products by developing customized solutions in the areas of tracking products in the supply chain and distinguishing between counterfeit and genuine products in the area of brand and product security, which is of great importance in our times.

Our company, which started its activity in our country in 2007, offers high technology solutions in brand protection and product tracking and tracing systems. Our sectoral knowledge and experience has enabled us to offer unique solutions to many different stakeholders in the public and private sectors. With our current practices in Turkey, we make a significant contribution to the public sector in reducing tax losses and to the private sector in ensuring product safety and protecting brand value by minimizing counterfeiting.

Knowing that product safety will become even more important in the future, we continue our efforts to make more comprehensive investments in this field, to establish long-term partnerships on the basis of mutual trust, and to increase our support and contribution to both the public and private sectors.