­čŹ¬ ├çerez Kurallar─▒m─▒z!

├çerezleri size daha iyi bir hizmet sunabilmek ve belirli i┼člemleri ger├žekle┼čtirebilmenizi sa─člamak i├žin kullan─▒yoruz.
Gizlilik ve ├žerez Politikas─▒


A service agreement between the Tax Administration and our company was signed in 2007. Since this date, the installation, operation, banderole production and technical services of the Banderole Product Monitoring and Tracking System, which has been operating until 2020 in its 1st and 2nd periods, have been carried out by us.

Museum and Ruins Project Management

"Lease Agreement for the Design and Development of Tickets and Ticket Products and Management of Sales Channels in Museums and Ruins" was signed with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Central Directorate of Revolving Fund Management on 19.03.2018.

Safety Ink Solutions

Our inks can be read by machines and detected by sensors. These features are ideal for use in automatic verification systems and minimize the risk of fraud.At the core of our security expertise are high-performance security inks that protect most of the worlds banknotes, secured documents and other valuable instruments against counterfeiting and fraud threats.

Security Solutions for Government Agencies

It is a leading provider of innovative and customized security solutions for Turkeys security and sustainability. For years, we have been providing superior security services to government agencies, the public sector and the private sector. Our mission is to make them feel safe in different areas of the country.